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Atafu Geneaology

In December 2016-January 2017, descendants from the Tokelau atoll of Atafu came together for the 11-day Atafu Fakatahiga.


More than 900 people from Australia, the United States, Hawai'i, New Zealand and Atafu took part.​  A major undertaking of the Fakatahiga was the formal documentation of the Atafu Gafa (genealogy) tracing back to the couple that originally settled the atoll, Tonuia and Lagimaina.​

It was also an opportunity to formally launch ‘Te Kanava - the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan' for the Atafu Tokelau Community Group Incorporated in Porirua​.


Source: Pacific Guardians press release 2017

Oldest Known Living Atafu Descendant (2017)

The oldest participant at the Fakatahiga in Porirua in 2017 was Lagimaina Faumui Posini who was born in Atafu in 1918. 

In 2022 footage/clips were located of this rare interview with Lagimaina during the gathering.  In this unedited video, she speaks in Samoan about her family, her early life in Atafu, the American marines, how cargo ships were welcomed, what she was told about the slave ships and other memories of Tokelau and her life. (No captions)  


Lagimaina passed away in Hawai'i on September 14, 2019 at the age of 100, only 1 month short of her 101st birthday.

Fakatahiga Highlights (2017)

With more than 900 Atafu descendants from around the world at Matauala in Porirua over 11 days, there were many highlights.

This 2.5 hour video captures some of the key highlights and celebrations during the Fakatahiga.

Farewell (2017)

The Farewell for the Fakatahiga was a special occasion filled with celebration and sadness. It was agreed that the descendants of Atafu would meet again in 2020 but the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic halted plans for another reunion.

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