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Gagana Tokelau resources for children on website

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Whānau Āwhina Plunket and Loopy Tunes Music gives the Matauala website permission to embed 10 Tokelau language videos for children.

The Matauala website has been granted access to 10 Gagana Tokelau language video resources for children developed by Whānau Āwhina Plunket and New Zealand musicians Loopy Tunes Music.

Whānau Āwhina Plunket Pacific Support Coordinator Natalia Gasu says it warms her heart that the video resources are now available on the Matauala website, as she has a Tokelauan connection through her nana's side - the Pereira family from Fakaofa.

The producers of the resources, with the support of the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, celebrated the 10th anniversary of Auckland playgroup Pasifika Beatz by launching 100 fun and interactive kids’ songs integrating 10 different Pacific languages for the whole family to try. Included were 10 songs in Gagana Tokelau.

The 10 songs are:

  1. Tokelauan Welcome Song

  2. Ulu, Takuau/Head, Shoulders (Tokelauan)

  3. Old MacDonald Had A Farm (Tokelauan Animals)

  4. Lio (Tokelauan Shapes)

  5. Lanu Paepae Is White (Tokelauan)

  6. Lima Little Ducks (Tokelauan)

  7. Tokelauan Alphabet

  8. Aue Kapaku (Tokelauan)

  9. Kei Na Fiafia (Tokelauan)

  10. Ko To Tatou Po (Tokelauan)

The translators were Arieta Aldridge, Siniva Fonua and Sulata Amiatu.

Natalia says Whānau Āwhina Plunket's mission and vision is In the first 1000 days setting the path of wellness in our communities, for generations to come

She says as an organisation they are committed to giving every New Zealand child the best possible start.

"From a Pasifika lens we approach this holistically and one of many ways is providing cultural music and language opportunities for our whanau," says Natalia.

"We aim to help to strengthen identity and wellbeing in the process of supporting parent engagement, child growth and development.

"We wanted to create a resource that is free and accessible, using sign language and lyrics as a tool for teachers and or parents to utilise at an introductory level," she says.

The videos can be found on this page of the Matauala website. The lyrics are also available for download as a PDF.

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